Greensboro New School
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Our Classrooms At School
We strive to create classrooms that are warm and welcoming, with different materials for children to explore.  Classrooms often use natural materials and art to create an environment perfect for learning.  Materials are rotated throughout the year so there is often something new.  Room furniture may also be rearranged to create new spaces for learning.

Our smaller classroom is Rock.  Our larger classroom is River.  All students spend time in each room.  We are a very small school, and usually have around 20 students enrolled.  We do not divide students by age.  Older students and younger students learn side-by-side, exploring topics at the level that is right for them.  Teachers help to guide play when necessary, encouraging each child to reach their full potential.

​We also utilize an outside playground with traditional play equipment, play kitchen, play house, sandboxes, and a fantastic covered area perfect for riding balance bikes and tricycles, or just staying dry on a rainy day!  The grass hill is perfect for rolling.
The World As Our Classroom
Our school is located in the Lindley Park neighborhood, which is perfect for taking a stroll.  Sometimes we go on walks to explore the neighborhood, and stop at the playground.  It's a great change of scenery.  Exploring the world around us sometimes requires us to step out of the building and see what there is to see!

Once each year, we try to go to the woods for a field trip.  We go on a short walk and also may stop for time of quiet reflection, which is a perfect time to write or draw.  One of the most interesting things we've found on our walks is fairies!  When we don't find them, sometimes we still find fairy stones and fairy houses.  This trip is often a highlight of the year for our families.
A Typical Day
8:30-9:30 Start Rooms
9:30-9:45 Circle
9:45-10:45 Outside
10:45-11:45 Rock/River Time
11:45-12:15 Lunch
12:15-12:30 Goodbye Circle
12:30 Dismissal
Children begin their day in their "Start Room." This is either River or Rock. The groups are changed monthly, so while they may be in the same Start Room for two months in a row, they will have different friends to learn with. During the 2021-2022 school year, we are planning to incorporate more outside activities, so we may be outside more than an hour during the school day. Students bring their own snack and are encouraged to eat when they are hungry. Students also bring their own lunch and we eat at the same time.